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Just dance.

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International Language Testing System (IELTS)

I'm a band 8 USER :D from a 9 Band maximum.

I need at least a band 6 for most of the universities I want to apply abroad.
I don't have a digital art course in my country, so that's why I'm looking to study abroad, in the UK or USA.

I have some very big financial problems, but I hope I'll raise all the money I need

proud member of : :iconromania-club: :iconbucuresti:

2000 page views :hug:

Fri Sep 10, 2004, 1:34 AM
I REACHED 2000 :hug: :hug :hug:

Thank all for all the suport, for visiting my page, for commenting my deviations, for favin' ! HUGS FOR ALL :hug: :hug:

Long Live DA !

proud member of : :iconromania-club: :iconbucuresti:

Prints account :D

Mon Jul 12, 2004, 4:01 PM
I broutght a PRINTS ACCOUNT !

I'm so so happy, i brought a prints account, and I got a subscription until oct 14 FREE !!!

this is so so cool !

subscription is great, prints acount is great ! I'M SO SO SO HAPPY


I reached 1 000


thank you all that visited my page, especialy the ones that commented my work, and in a even more closer way, hug you all that faved my work

I'm glad I've entered this comunity, your great everyone !

thank you :hug:  :hug:

A rather good year has ended, in a rather good way, so b bye 2003...

Hope this new year will be better than all the previous years, hope that everyone will be happy and halthy, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

People that I met here, great artists:…
I try to keep a positive attitude, cause it's tests time , and hard times are comming at school :D

So , I'm happy :D ... Because everything will be over soon...and the holidays are comming :D

Happy Easter :D

Due to the new avatar policies I can't have a friends mosaics anymore (long loading times)... so I saved them in my previous journal.

SO .. people that i knew here, great artists:…
Cheers for LIFE !

friends artists:

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the secodn day went really nice

i adjusted very well to the new class

it's good

me happy :)

cool people i met here:
:iconsacredshadowdweller: :iconmeic2: :iconschool: :icondarthia: :iconcellointhbasemnt:
:iconparadoxicalchick: :iconunwanted-girl: :iconstolemysoul: :iconhedi: :iconamaie: :iconshourai:
things went nice

i haged otu with my old classmates , and with the new ones

i think is a good start, not awsome, but good , things will be very awsome from now on

now , i have to work to finish my project, cos today is the dead-line :) so... back to work


cool people i met here:
:iconsacredshadowdweller: :iconmeic2: :iconschool: :icondarthia: :iconcellointhbasemnt:
:iconparadoxicalchick: :iconunwanted-girl: :iconstolemysoul: :iconhedi: :iconamaie:
Tumorrow my rest days will be over :)

Automn is here , so it's school...

I'm moving to a new class (a better one , like a promotion :) )

I knew people there so it won't be difficult

I'm really waiting forward for the move , it will make things more interesting, getting to know better new people, but in the same time sad, because i left my old classroom (but i'm not going to far away :) )

cool people i met here:
:iconsacredshadowdweller: :iconmeic2: :iconschool: :icondarthia: :iconcellointhbasemnt:
:iconparadoxicalchick: :iconunwanted-girl: :iconstolemysoul: :iconhedi:
13 September 1996

Tupac Amaru Shakur died after surviving 7 days in the hospital after he was shot on 7 September 1996.

Rest In Peace
i'm glad i have entered this comunity

i hope i will feel very good here